Wormhole X-Treme

Wormhole X-Treme



  • /dial <stargate> [IDC]
特定のゲートを開く /dial[名前][パスワード]
description: Dial a remote Stargate, unlock IDC with optional password
info: <stargate> The StarGate to dial (case sensitive), [IDC] Use optional password to open remote Iris

  • /wormhole <commandtype> [ARG1] [ARG2]
alias: wxt
description: Wormhole administration and configuration
info: Valid Commands:
owner Get or set owner,  
perms manager command for internal permissions,  
portalmaterial set portal material portal materialを設定する
irismaterial set irismaterial, irisの素材を設定する??
lightmaterial set lightmaterial,  
shutdown_timeout set shutwodn gate timeout (default:38), ゲートのタイムアウト時間を設定する(デフォルトは38)
activate_timeout set activate timeout タイムアウトを有効に設定
simple set simple permissions usage, パーミッションの使用を設定する
regenerate regenerate a gate, ゲートを再生成する
redstone Get or set redstone power to gate, ゲートにレッドストーンを取得または設定。
wooshdepth Get or set wooshdepth for a gate, ゲートの音を設定?
cooldown set cooldown for gate dial ゲートダイヤルにクールダウンを設定する
restrict restrict a gate build count ゲートビルド数を制限する
toggle_gwm Toggle show gate welcome message, ウェルカムメッセージを設定する
show_gwm Show status of gate welcome message, ウェルカムメッセージのステータスを表示
toggle_transport Switch transportation method via EVENT or TELEPORT (if you have a plugin that canceles the event use teleport) plugin canceles関連?
show_transport show current value of transportation method  
custom set custom status to gate ゲートへのカスタムステータスを設定する

  • /wxlist
description: List all Stargates.

  • /wxbuild <GateShape>
description: Automatically build Stargate shape
info: <GateShape> The GateShape to build (case-sensitive). After placing a DHD with a button (and sign if wanted) executing this command then pressing the button will cause the specified <GateShape> to be built.

  • /wxbuidlist
description: List available gate shapes

  • /wxremove <GateName> [-all]
description: Remove a stargate, optionally destroy its blocks.
info: <GateName> The GateName to remove (case-sensitive), [-all] destroys gate blocks too

  • /wxcompass
description: Point compass needle at nearest Stargate.

  • /wxcomplete <GateName> idc=[IDC] net=[Net]

description: Complete the StarGate construction.
info: <GateName> Name of new Stargate,
[IDC] Optional password for Stargate,
[Net] Optional network for Stargate.

  • /wxidc <GateName> <optional_set_idc>

description: Get or set a gate IDC.
info: Requires being either owner or have wormhole.config
set -clear to remove the IDC

  • /wxforce <close|drop>

description: Force the shut down of all gates and/or open all irises

  • /wxgo <GateName>

description: Teleport to specified wormhole.
info: <GateName> Name of gate to go to (case-sensitive)

  • /wxreload <commandType> - Reload WormholeXTreme

alias: wxre
description: Reload Plugin. This was meant to deal with occasionally random SignErrors.
As soon as this is pinpointed down you can use this to reload it without reloading the server.
info: n(ow)

  • /wxstatus <commandType> - Show system status
alias: wxs
description: Show system status like database connection
info: a(ll)

(Note: The commands may change in future versions cause of refactoring, maybe not soon but just be aware of that)

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